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Micheal Perry, Holiday Greetings, and Exciting Reads!

Good Morning Bookman Readers. Happy Holidays are Here. We've been busy and The Bookman is Holiday-Ready with new books, games, puzzles, and gifts for all. We hope you received our catalogue in your Grand Haven Tribune, but if not, we'll have one on the counter for you. AND, don't miss the 10% coupon on the back.

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Events! Art! Books!

Good Morning, Bookman Readers!

Artwalk at The BookmanHappy Autumn to You and in Grand Haven that means ArtWalk is Here. We have two exceptional artists and entrees. "Ballerina Wannabe" is a fun, whimsical watercolor by Diane Byweck-Hanway and Andy Frisinger has entered an elegant watercolor in blues of saxaphonist "Dexter Gordon." Please visit The Bookman and vote for our favorites! And... please stop in and check the Art Savvy, collection of books. Local author and artist Tj. Aitken has written this series of books to help observers understand public art. It is informative, giving non-artists a vocabulary to use as we enjoy works of art.

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New Books, Great Reads, and Prizes!

Good Morning, Bookman Readers

September has arrived and already The Bookman is alive with events, "new book" launches, and great reads coming in. But first, thank you to all of you who spent time with us over the summer. We at The Bookman enjoyed seeing so many local patrons and authors at our events and browsing in our store. The Children's Party for Amy Young's A New Friend for Sparkle set a new record -- 50 grandparents, parents, friends, and children appreciated her drawing and reading. The Literary Luncheon was also a success and hopefully the start of a new tradition. Thank you.

A special Congratulations to several of our local authors!!!

  • Wally Ewing. His book Footprints: Stories of Native Americans in West Central Michigan has won the State History Award in the Books: Private Printing Category by the Historical Society of Michigan.
  • Melanie Hooyenga won two awards for The Slope Rules: As Reader's Favorite, the Bronze YA Romance and for Literary Classics the Silver Romance for High school.
  • Steve LeBel won the Silver n YA Fantasy Epic for The Universe Builder: Bernie and the Wizards.
  • JR Roper received the Silverin the Children's Literary Classics forMiddle School Fantasy with The Tower Below.

These will be on display and ready for you at The Bookman.

Footprints The Slope Rules Bernie and the Wizards The Tower Below
Available in-store! Available in-store or on-line! Available in-store or on-line! Available in-store or on-line!


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Coast Guard, Spirit, and the Colorful Way

Good Morning, Bookman Readers,

It's August -- Happy Coast Guard!!

We have several book events this month, so we hope you will check out our website Events Calendar OR our Used Book Room Window Calendar as you dine and shop in Centertown! And, please know YOU ARE ALWAYS INVITED to join our Poetry Club and our Wednesday evening Book Club at any time. Ask about them the next time you are in the store.


Do you ever feel the need for a boost in your creativity and a new spark in your life? Two books ready to fill you with inspiration are THE BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of EAT PRAY LOVE,  and A COLORFUL WAY OF LIVING by Barbara Baekgaard, co-founder of Vera Bradley.  The authors are coming from different angles, but both reinforce some of the basic ideas for a fulfilling life wherever you might find yourself.

The BIG MAGIC's subtitle is 'Creative Living Beyond Fear.' Her goal is to help readers move through the fears that often prevent us from going ahead and attempting what is in our 'heart of hearts.' Although the book may have been intended for 'artists,' her prescriptions for working in creative ways are applicable for all endeavors from building healthy relationships to designing a summer room.

A Colorful Way of LivingThe subtitle for A COLORFUL WAY OF LIVING  is 'How to Be More, Create More, Do More the Vera Bradley Way.' Baekgaard dedicates this book to her mother, Vera Bradley.  The 'Way' has become a staple for many people through the popularity of her brand and merchandise. The introduction first reminds us that "It's Never Too Late" no matter what our age. Her themes of the 'way' run through relationships, work, and everyday-living, illuminating the possibility s for adding 'color' and energy. Through Badkgaard's positive reinforcements, readers are encouraged to be their full vital selves. She writes, "That is what others really want to see, the real person."

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March in July

July 2017 Blog

Good Morning, Bookman Readers,

Quick Notes

  • First, you are invited to the bookstore this Saturday, July 8th any time between 10:30 am and 12:30pm. It is a "Mystery Writer's Morning." Three Michigan writers, Maris Soule, Diane Burton, and Jacquelyn Vincente will be greeting customers and signing  award winning books. Please join us.
  • Second, Important for Poetry Enthusiasts!!  The scheduled gathering for Poetry Club: Poetry Lives moves to the third Tuesday, July 18th, for July only. We will be back to second Tuesday in August, August 14th, 6:30 pm to 8 pm. And in thinking about our poetry club, everyone in our West Michigan community who enjoys reading and listening to poetry or writing poetry is invited to visit and/or become a part of the club. We are a small group of gentle folks, giving positive feedback and enjoying the efforts of original work and the favorite poems of others.

Each month I am reminded of the depth and breadth in the writing of so many people along the Lake Shore. Our local authors are important to the Bookman and the community.  They are featured prominently over the back wall of the store. The shelves are filled with Historical novels, cozy romances, mysteries, and non-fiction of all types, and poetry that we hope you will enjoy.

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Fresh paint, open doors, and new neighbors!

Good Morning, Bookman Readers!

We invite you to the store to see some of our changes. First, we are pleased with the new fresh paint and white trim on our building!! Second, our RED FRONT DOOR is now open!!

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Thank you and Exit Strategy

Good Morning Bookman Readers:

Thank you for your support for our events in April! Our third Independent Bookstore Day was a fun celebration with the band Catfish and the Man plus Mark outside in front of our newly painted building!

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Detroit Poets Visit R-P Students!

Last week, The Bookman was thrilled to host (along with C3: West Michigan's Spiritual Connection, Loutit District Library, and Spring Lake District Library) our visiting Detroit poets.

Nandi Comer, Sonya Marie Pouncy, and Willie Williams, when they weren't thrilling library patrons, took some time and visited with over 150 Reeths-Puffer students!

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Celebrating Poetry and Great Reads

Good Morning Bookman Readers:

Poetic Voices of DetroitAPRIL IS POETRY MONTH!! Each year the Bookman marks the season with a special poetry event. In past years, we have turned the bookstore into a small theater for readings by our local poets. This year we are broadening our event. Partnering with Loutit and Spring Lake District Libraries, C3:West Michigan’s Inclusive Spiritual Connection, and Reeths-Puffer High School, we are initiating what we hope will become an exchange in celebration of poetry with poets from the East Side of our state. Three published poets, Nandi Comer, Sonya Marie Pouncy, and Willie Williams will present “Poetic Voices of Detroit.”


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Local Talent, Loyal to the Community

February 28, 2017

Hello Bookman Readers,

I am writing this on the eve of our second anniversary of owning the store, March 1, 2015, and in recognizing this milestone, we are grateful for so many things. Most importantly are the talents and skills of our inherited staff members: Joan and Diane who were here in the beginning days with Jim and Mary Dana. Others joined the Waanders through the years: Jill, Aimee, Barb, and Ann. They continue to be our knowledgeable, patient guides and teachers in the art of becoming Booksellers.

We are also excited about the newcomers to the staff, their enthusiasm and willingness to help, learn, and they ingest new energy into our work: Arielle, Sophie, Scott and our manager Shannon.  We appreciate all of them.  Thank you.

In thinking about the local talent working in our store, we have also been surprised and amazed at so many local, talented authors in our area who continue to entrust their books to the shelves of The Bookman. Each day as I walk past the regional and local authors to our back office,  I realize how much we have gained not only from reading but also from listening to the authors themselves during book talks and signings. We are thankful for our authors and congratulate them on their creativity and endurance in becoming published authors.

Gray Cloues Blue SkyeOne local author I want to recommend is Barbara Bull. You may know her as the owner of Cherry Point Market near Silver Lake. In uncertain times, her story is a reminder of what it is, for most of us, that keeps us steady and hopeful: Our Families. In Cloud Cottage, Katherine MacLeod, retires and returns to the old family home atop a rise on the Lake Michigan shore. In many ways it is a story about rebuilding--this new phase of her life, the old homestead, and the closeness of all of her family. Aunt Katie and 'Cloud Cottage' become a warm, loving center for new growth.  Along the way, we follow a mystery and  a hint of romance. There is a sequel that is equally satisfying, Gray Clouds Blue Skye,  and a third book is on the way. They are Michigan stories. You will recognize our places, people, and our life here. Yet, they are also  universal stories of caring and community.

Again we thank you for being a part of The Bookman’s journey. Because of the loyalty and patronage of this community, this second year was a good one for us, and the bookstore is alive and growing.

Happy Reading Everyone! See you At the Bookman!

Dick, Sharon, Alexa and Diane