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Micheal Perry, Holiday Greetings, and Exciting Reads!

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Good Morning Bookman Readers. Happy Holidays are Here. We've been busy and The Bookman is Holiday-Ready with new books, games, puzzles, and gifts for all. We hope you received our catalogue in your Grand Haven Tribune, but if not, we'll have one on the counter for you. AND, don't miss the 10% coupon on the back.

November is ending with a very special event: Michael Perry is coming to The Bookman this Thursday evening. The night will begin at 6:30 with music by Drew Nelson, acoustic guitarist from Muskegon. We are expecting 'standing room only,' so please come early and get your spot. At 7:00 Michael will share two of his new books Montaigne in Barn Boots, An Amateur Ambles through Philosophy and Danger Man Working. Greetings and signing will follow. We look forward to seeing you.

Now for two intriguing reads;

The Lake and the Lost Girl, Jacquelyn Vincenta, Kalamazoo author.

What makes a mystery a good mystery? First time author Vincenta answers with The Lake and the Lost Girl: fear, power, obsession and abuse combine with sympathetic characters and stormy nights along the shores of Lake Michigan. Tension and intrigue vibrate along the two mimicking plot lines but separated by sixty years. In the 1930s, Mary, a promising young poet, marries and short years later disappears. No one seems to know what happened to her in her small town. Was it a tragic accident along the Lake shore, did she choose to disappear or was she murdered? Lidia and Frank, young aspiring writers, become interested the poetry she leaves behind. Their romance blossoms around the quest to find more of her poetry as evidnce that she lived beyond 1939 and continued to write under a new identity. Through the years, Frank's addiction to finding Mary's poetry deepens while Lidia's life seems to follow Mary's pattern of fear and despair. What makes a great mystery? Not seeing the end coming! Vincenta's ending proves the true worth of The Lake and the Lost Girl.

11/22/63, Stephen King
What a story! What an adventure! History around the assignation of President Kennedy mixed in with time travel, mystery, mysticsim, suspense and romance. What is so compelling is the realism. King helps us SEE the story, and through our vision, we believe in it all. The smoothness of the story-telling makes the pages turn and turn. You won't be disappointed and neither will your reader-friends. It would make a great gift especially for history and conspiracy buffs. It's fun, too.

Dick, Sharon, Alexa, Shannon and the Bookman Staff and Diane Thank you for a very good year. We hope we have served you well.
Have a wonderful December. And say "Hello" when you visit the store.