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New Books, Great Reads, and Prizes!

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Good Morning, Bookman Readers

September has arrived and already The Bookman is alive with events, "new book" launches, and great reads coming in. But first, thank you to all of you who spent time with us over the summer. We at The Bookman enjoyed seeing so many local patrons and authors at our events and browsing in our store. The Children's Party for Amy Young's A New Friend for Sparkle set a new record -- 50 grandparents, parents, friends, and children appreciated her drawing and reading. The Literary Luncheon was also a success and hopefully the start of a new tradition. Thank you.

A special Congratulations to several of our local authors!!!

  • Wally Ewing. His book Footprints: Stories of Native Americans in West Central Michigan has won the State History Award in the Books: Private Printing Category by the Historical Society of Michigan.
  • Melanie Hooyenga won two awards for The Slope Rules: As Reader's Favorite, the Bronze YA Romance and for Literary Classics the Silver Romance for High school.
  • Steve LeBel won the Silver n YA Fantasy Epic for The Universe Builder: Bernie and the Wizards.
  • JR Roper received the Silverin the Children's Literary Classics forMiddle School Fantasy with The Tower Below.

These will be on display and ready for you at The Bookman.

Footprints The Slope Rules Bernie and the Wizards The Tower Below
Available in-store! Available in-store or on-line! Available in-store or on-line! Available in-store or on-line!


Also, we are excited to participate again in ArtWalk. We will feature two artists: Diane E. Bytwerk-Hanway, an expressive painter with Ballerina Wannabe and Andy Frisinger, a watercolorist. It is always energizing for our store to have artists and art enthusiasts visiting us.

And finally, a suggestion for those of you who appreciate well-researched Historical Fiction -- a recent addition has arrived in paperback.


The Other EinsteinThe Other Einstein. Writing in first person, Marie Benedict creates a believable and natural voice for Mileva Maric Einstein. A reader not only follows her life, but also feels with her, knowing that this is exactly what Mileva herself would have written about the years with Albert. Mileva was born with a condition causing her to walk unevenly, and she was teased and treated cruelly by her peers. When her intellect is realized, great hope emerges for her to become a scientist and mathematician. She achieves her goal to be accepted into the Polytechnic in Zurich where she is a classmate of Albert. In these next years, she becomes alive with possibilities for a full life: New friendships, love and marriage, children, brilliant discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. As time passes, however, she is seduced by Albert to slowly and painfully give away her ideas, her work and to become "Me, a dark shadow cast behind Albert's light, they utterly ignored." Sadly, this is not a new story. Benedict brings a reader much to ponder as 'his-story' becomes 'her-story.' A must read. (Order on-line, available in-store.)


We look forward to seeing you at The Bookman.
Dick, Sharon, Alexa and Diane