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Consignment and In-store Local Author Events

Consigning at The Bookman

The Bookman supports our regional authors and is happy to provide a retail outlet for books published through non-traditional publishing sources.  When your book is self-published, published by a company with which The Bookman does not have accounts, or is available only on a non-returnable basis, we will work directly with you to sell your book on consignment.

Our consignment program is an agreement between you, the author, and The Bookman, to offer your book for sale in our store.  By leaving your books with us, you agree to abide by the guidelines below:

The author agrees to:

  • Accept standard 60/40 publishing industry terms.
  • Offer your book at the same retail price through all outlets (including copies you might sell yourself.)
  • Include the fact that your book is available at The Bookman in any and all of your marketing and advertising, and add a link on your website to our store, Customers can contact the store directly to purchase your title. (The Bookman, 715 Washington Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417, 616-846-3520,


The Bookman will:

  • Place your book for sale (most often in our self-published author section) in our store.
  • Track sales of your book using our inventory system.
  • Call you when we need more copies.
  • Issue a check after the 6 months consignment period (or before if sales merit earlier payment.)
  • Remove your book after 6 months unless the consignment agreement is extended.

A consignment form and store event information are available below.

Note:  It is the author’s responsibility to pick up any unsold books at the end of the consignment period.  Any books left beyond the consignment period may be disposed of by The Bookman.  Payment is issued only for books that are sold.  Damaged or stolen items are your sole financial responsibility.

Events at The Bookman

Thank you for considering The Bookman for your event. We enjoy planning together with authors and the energy that success generates in our store. We provide space for up to 25 people comfortably and table space as needed. We experience the most traffic daily between late morning and early afternoon, especially on the weekends. Some evening hours are available. There are three general types of author events:

  • A signing alone or with other authors, greeting patrons, discussing your book, and handselling.
  • An author reading with a signing. The reading portion usually runs about 20 minutes with a Q & A following.
  • A launch party for a new title. Again, a reading, a Q & A and festivities usually including food and beverage supplied by the author.

On occasion, The Bookman staff will plan a themed event for multiple authors. These events are by invitation.


It is important for the authors to promote their event through their own social media outlets, posters and public service announcements for any area publications. The Bookman will promote your event through our own social media, WGHN, and the Community Calendars in the Grand Haven Tribune. Our staff is always available to answer questions and help you with your event.

Additional Suggestions for Promoting Your Title:

  • Create an author bio and press release to tell your story.
  • Tell friends and family and send them to The Bookman for copies. This generates a buzz that can help sales.

Check The Bookman for some of the following resources to help market your title: